About Me

I've been working with computers and micro-processors my entire career, writing software, building circuits, installing hardware (including 'phone systems), and teaching networking and telephony.
I've always been interested in mathematics and cryptography.  One of the first computer programs
I ever wrote professionally was an implemetation of the Data Encrpytion Standard (DES) in 8088 assembly-language on the original IBM PC.  At the time, I was also building and testing a serial-data encryption device which implemented DES in hardware, and I used my program to verify the hardware's output .  In the process, I also wrote a program monitor for that encryption device  -- by decompiling the monitor of a commercial circuit emulator -- so I could upload and test the code I wrote before it became firmware.  It was all a lot of fun and very satisfying, and that experience still resonates with me today.
Lately, I've been building websites, inspired in part by the explosion of tools and online resources available these days at little to no cost.