Professional Services

Website Production

I design, implement and maintain websites for individuals, groups and businesses.  These services can be geared toward your level of expertise.
In conjunction with website production, I also offer:
- Domain Name registration
- DNS setup
- Email service setup
Do you want to do-it-yourself?  Webpage creation using inyuitive tools is easily learned, enabling you to personally maintain and augment your site with minimal effort.
More advanced designs using Adobe Flash, Java, and C++ can give your website a more sophisicated look and feel.

Custom Programming

Do you have a data processing or other need for customized programming?  I write application and driver software for both personal computers and embedded systems, in asssembly language, high-level languages like C & C++, as well as scripting languages.

Data Recovery

Have you lost data to a corrupt file or failed hard drive?  Perhaps  I can help.  Depending on the type of error that has occured, much of the data may still be recoverable.  Let me have a look,  and give you a free estimate.


Registering a Domain Name such as allows you to publish your website to a customized site address such as

Domain Name Service (DNS) is the directory service for the internet.
You can give yourself, or each member of your group or organization, an email address based on your Domain Name, such as